Monday, November 20, 2006

As seen on Wikipedia

I'm very pleased to see that Chainki now appears in Wikipedia!.


In fact, I'm particularly pleased, since when I first put Chainki online, I created a page in Wikipedia myself (blatent publicity attempt I know), and it was almost immediately pulled off as a completely unknown site etc. etc. Now, however, someone else not connected at all with Chainki (though they could be also editing on Chainki) has added a page on Wikipedia, and there is enough on the web about it generally that I presume the page will stay.

The affect on traffic to the site has already been quite significant, since Chainki is now one of (currently) only 25 other Web Directories listed on Wikipedia. When you think of just how many web directories exist on the web (there are thousands), it's pretty decent to be listed right up there alongside the likes of the Yahoo! Directory and DMOZ.

So you see I have many reasons to be pleased. Flattered that someone (other than me) thinks Chanki is worth putting in Wikipedia. Happy for the increase in traffic already. And thirdly, and by no means lastly, delighted that this will undoubtedly have a knock-on effect and get links in other respected places.

My one slight worry - one day I fear that the take-off will go absolutely ballistic. For example, I imagine with some trepidation what would happen if an article in, say, the BBC news gets published, and then that gets picked up by other news agencies, and all of a sudden the site has huge worldwide publicity, and can't cope with the traffic and crashes continually and my hosting provider sends me a huge bill, and I have huge amounts of work trying to get some of the other 60+ languages installed....!


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